MYL Custom Rods

Merrill Y Landis encourages you to take advantage of our ability to fabricate your next custom traverse rod. We specialize in fabricating Kirsch Estate Decorative rods and a variety of Kirsch’s Architrac series rods, including K-Rail. We also have a custom option featuring the Forest CCS (Contract Cord System) track. Whether it’s a cord draw, baton draw, or motorized traverse rod, we offer reasonable lead times and attention to detail. Feel free to call us to help custom design your next traverse rod system.  



Decorative 2" Estate Rods - Pinch Pleat and Ripplefold

These rods can be motorized.

  • Wood Trends
  • Designer Metals

Architrac Rods

  • Series - 94001 - Cord Draw - can be motorized
  • Series - 94003, 94004, 94005 - Baton Draw only

Cut-to-Measure Rods

  • MYL Side Panel Rods

K Rail


This track offers the Cord Draw feature, but at a 5/8” high profile which is only 1/8” higher than the discontinued 93001 track, but 5/16” shorter than the 94001 track. As with the 93001 track, the Forest CCS track utilizes plastic slides and carriers, but keeps the Cord Draw feature.

We will be offering a 10% Discount for these MYL Forest CCS Track Custom Rods, and please note that the MYL fabricated custom Forest CCS track is only available in white.

Custom Rod Order Forms

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