Kirsch Architrac Hardware - All About Tracks

The Kirsch Architrac system supports the three most popular drapery heading styles - Ripplefold, pleated, and cubicle. In the second video of our training series on the Kirsch line of drapery hardware, Glen Tyson, MYL Hardware and Products Distribution Supervisor, and Jennifer DeRosa, MYL Drapery Department Supervisor, discuss the Kirsch Architrac product line and the different track systems. 

02:41 - The 94001
12:18 - The 93001
22:00 - The 94004
24:46 - The 94005
27:10 - The K-Rail

Kirsch Architrac Series

Series 94001 - Multi-Draw System

Install brackets, lock in track, and hang drapery. This is the only system that can be motorized. Available finishes are white, anodized, bronze, and black.

Series 93001 - Cord Draw System

Similar to Series 94001, this is a low-profile track that is hardly seen because it is only ⅝” thick. It can be wall or ceiling-mounted. Only available in white.

Series 94003, 94004, and 94005 - Baton Draw System

These tracks are only baton draw tracks. They are the same track, but have different appearances. Finishes include white, anodized, bronze, and black.

K-Rail - 1 3/8” Decorative System

A very sleek-looking track that is available in four different finishes: anodized, black, bronze, and white.

You can shop the Kirsch hardware collection here.

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