Kirsch AMP Motorization - All About Tracks

Kirsch AMP Motorization lets you control your draperies at your fingertips from anywhere. Its slim design fits behind your drapery panel so it cannot be seen. The motor runs by battery or AC power. AMP Motorization can be used with Kirsch’s most popular traversing tracks, Estate and Architrac Series 94001. It’s a great option to easily adjust hard-to-reach draperies.

In the fourth video in our training series on the Kirsch line of drapery hardware, Glen Tyson, MYL Hardware and Products Distribution Supervisor, and Jennifer DeRosa, MYL Drapery Department Supervisor, discuss Kirsch AMP Motorization and how it works to control your draperies.

Kirsch AMP Bridge

AMP Bridge is a USB bridge that connects to your home network for automated shade control. You can connect up to 30 draperies and shades to one bridge. The bridge can be integrated with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Shortcuts, and IFTTT to control from your mobile phone or tablet.

Learn more about Kirsch AMP Motorization here.

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