Introducing MYL Flat Roman Shades with Ribs

We are thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our window treatment collection - MYL Flat Roman Shades with Ribs (product code L6707). This innovative and stylish window covering combines functionality, elegance, and safety.

Features of Flat Roman Shades with Ribs

There are many features to the MYL Flat Roman Shades with Ribs.

Fabricated with no blind stitch on sides and no top stitch at the hem.

  • Raising and lowering shades is made easier with minimal fuss folds.
  • Gooping is not required when using standard lining.
  • Black lining is recommended with gooping the ring holes.
  • Pricing is based on square footage.
  • Any child safe operating system can be specified to use with the shades.

Specifications and pricing information here.

No blind stitch in sides

Ribs put inside the shade between face fabric and lining

Less fuss with folds when raising and lowering the shade

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