Measure Bay and Bow Windows for Custom Window Coverings

Bay and bow windows add character to a room, but it can be challenging to find the right window treatments for these types of windows. Use these tips to correctly measure bay or bow windows for custom window coverings.

Record Measurements

When following the measuring instructions below, write each measurement next to the corresponding letter:

A _____

B _____

C _____

D _____

E _____

F _____

Template for Bay Windows

1. Measure 3 wall section on back of window (A, B, C)

2. Measure across the front open (D)

3. Measure from back of center window to front of sill (E)

4. Measure recess on sides (F) - failure to measure the recess is the most common mistake when measuring bay windows

5. Lay 2 business cards in the corners of the window so that the corners of the cards meet in corner of the window. Each edge must lay tight against the wall and staple cards together. This will reproduce the actual angle for the workroom.

6. Always specify Rod

7. Choose Style - Style A is assumed if no other specified

Note: All board mounted bay window treatments are made in 3 pieces with angles:

  • Even if we end up not mitering, the process is still the same so we charge for mitering
  • We must know if your measurement is “Wall Measurement” or “Front Board Measurement”
  • 95% are measured incorrectly in the center

Template for Bow Windows

1. Measure across front (A)

2. Measure depth (B)

Note: For board mounted bow windows:

  • We must know if your measurement is “Wall Measurement” or “Front Board Measurement”
  • The template must be supplied
  • Bow window boards can be made in one piece up to 96”
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