Custom Design

This is a complete fabrication service, which will allow you to design treatments that are not found within the normal standards and specifications of our Workroom Services Custom Classics program. These orders require estimates, which MYL will provide at no charge.

Custom Design orders require close attention by our experienced customer service team who will supply you with a written estimate for price and yardage. The estimate must be confirmed by you, with written signature, before we will enter the order into production.

Please include any pictures or sketches that will help in the designing of your treatment knowing that designs from a picture can be reproduced; however, sketches are not always possible to make.

Email your estimate requests to Wendy at

MYL Estimating Policy

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your business. Since the founding of our company, we have strived to put our customers’ needs first with superior customer service.

Our Workroom Services Custom Classic program makes ordering any product a much simpler task for our customers. This program includes standard product specifications, trim information, and easy to use yardage and pricing charts for almost any design opportunity. With that in mind, be advised that Merrill Y. Landis, Ltd. (MYL) has always been happy to provide assistance in calculating yardage and pricing for our customers when requested in the form of Written Estimates. Due to the increased demand for this service, we can no longer provide yardage and pricing for items found in our Workroom Services Custom Classic program free of charge. There will be a 5% charge for these Estimates. We will, however, be more than happy to direct you to the correct page and assist you in reading the charts for the products when needed. We offer training to our customers, free of charge, to learn how to use our Workroom Services Custom Classic Chart System. If you are interested, please contact Wendy at 215-723-8177, ext. 220 or

Our Estimating Department is designed to provide you with assistance in calculating yardage and pricing for specialized products not found in our current catalog. We will continue to do Written Estimates for those Custom Design products not found in our Workroom Services Custom Classic program at no charge. You must submit all Estimate Requests in writing. Any change in measurements, style, fabric width, or repeat will void the estimate and you will have to request a new estimate. Estimates are valid for 45 days and after that time you must submit a new request for an Estimate. Estimate requests will be processed within two business days. (This is subject to change based on the volume of Estimate Requests received each day.)

To turn an Estimate into an Order, you must sign the Estimate and mark “Use as Order” on the Estimate before emailing it to us. We will no longer be able to accept an Estimate as a Work Order unless it is signed and marked “Use as Order.” Or you can send us your written Work Order with the Estimate number clearly marked on the Order and/or a copy of the signed Estimate attached. The Estimate pricing will only be honored if the Estimate number is specified on your Work Order and we have your signature to approve the Estimate.

If after we receive your Work Order, we discover that your Estimate was lacking information that results in production changes, additional charges may be added depending on the complexity of the treatment. MYL reserves the right to add additional costs, if necessary, once we receive your Work Order. You will be notified of these additional charges prior to the start of production whenever possible. MYL will not be responsible for any fabric shortages or fabric overages that cannot be factored in at the time of the Estimate due to various repeats or the complexity of the treatment.

It is our hope that the steps that we are taking to improve our Estimating procedures will increase our ability to provide superior customer service. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your interest in Merrill Y. Landis, Ltd. We look forward to servicing all your custom workroom needs.

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