Calculating Drapery Yardage and Fullness

Miscalculating drapery yardage is a common mistake. When it happens, it slows down the expected delivery date and results in extra fabric costs. There are industry standard formulas for functioning draperies. When calculating yardage, here is the information you need to know.

  • What is the finished length of the draperies?
  • What fullness is required for the design? Is it 2, 2.5, or 3 times fullness?
  • Do you have the top, bottom, and tabling allowances recommended? Have they been added to the yardage required?
  • Does the fabric repeat? If so, calculate the yardage requirements for pattern repeat on fabric.

Find the Deduction for a Decorative Rod with Rings

  • Determine the exact measurement from the top of the rod to the floor, sill, or bottom of the drapery.
  • Deduct ½” to ¾” for the bottom allowance.
  • Deduct the distance from the inside top of the ring to the outside bottom of the ring for the rod deduction.

To assist you with successfully calculating yardage, use these formulas.

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