Kirsch Bent and Curved Hardware Styles - All About Tracks

Bent or curved drapery hardware styles are custom made to fit the specific curvature or angles of the window. For this type of hardware, a template is required when your order is placed. 

In the fifth video of our training series on the Kirsch line of drapery hardware, Glen Tyson, MYL Hardware and Products Distribution Supervisor, and Jennifer DeRosa, MYL Drapery Department Supervisor, provide guidelines for creating a custom rod template.

The Kirsch website provides instructions on How to Make a Template. We recommend you follow these steps. The paper template must include the following markings:

  • a line that shows the wall;
  • a line that represents the track; and
  • identification where the track ends on both sides.

Please note that we no longer make templates.  

View the Kirsch collection here.

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