Kirsch Estate Hardware - All About Tracks

Kirsch is the leader in the custom drapery track hardware. The Kirsch Estate Collection is a customizable collection that offers more decorative traverse rods for your draperies. In the third video of our training series on the Kirsch line of drapery hardware, Glen Tyson, MYL Hardware and Products Distribution Supervisor, and Jennifer DeRosa, MYL Drapery Department Supervisor, discuss The Estate™ Rod Collections product line and the different types and applications which are available.

Kirsch Estate Collection

The Kirsch Estate™ Rod Collections are the perfect solution if you want more function from your drapery decorative hardware. There are a variety of lines with different styles available. All of the lines in the collections can be motorized.

  • Buckingham
  • Designer Metals
  • Wood Trends
  • Chroma
  • Varia

The Buckingham, Designer Metals, and Wood Trends lines come in two sizes - 2 inch and 1 ⅜ inch. They have a half-round fascia attached to the track. They cannot be mounted tight up against the ceiling so a ceiling bracket needs to be used that drops the track low enough so the fascia doesn’t interfere with the bracket. There are also options for double mounts.

The Chroma and Varia lines are 2 inches high by ¼ inch thick and made of a hard plastic material that is mounted onto the track. The Chroma line is more modern and comes in bright color finishes. The Varia finishes are a textured look and feel. Both of these lines are more expensive.

You can shop the Kirsch drapery hardware collection here.

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