Fabric Warning Guidelines

All fabrics are not created equal. Use these guidelines when selecting fabric for your draperies.

Fabric Cutting

Do not cut until you have checked the following.

  • Correct pattern and color
  • Correct shade
  • Correct quantity
  • Weaves and bias
  • Flaws
  • Correctly identified face

Blackout Lining on Shades

  • Rings and/or shrouds are sewn on individually and will allow minimal light through the ring stitching.
  • Blackout lining by contrast will accentuate the light seepage. An option when specified is to fill the holes on the blackout lining. See additional charges.

Silk and Linen

  • Please allow for some variance. Silk and linen yards are made by nature and the unique qualities created in this process are not considered flaws.
  • No guarantees are made regarding color fastness, exact color matching, or durability.

Embroidery and Crewel

  • Embroideries are often handmade or hand guided. Therefore, the repeat size may vary. 
  • Often embroidery designs do not match selvedge to selvedge.


  • Please allow for some variance due to the washing process and repeat size. Widths may vary slightly.

Taffeta and Chintz

  • Taffeta and chintz fabrics may hold creases due to the crisp hand.


  • Handle with care. This is a very delicate fabric.

If more information is needed in regards to the fabric type, please contact your vendor.

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