Demand Is Up and Delivery Times Are Increasing

Have you heard? Custom window treatment demand is way up and available workspace is way down so delivery times are increasing. 

There are two strategies a custom workroom can implement in the economic climate we find ourselves in. They can operate by price only, raising prices to what the market can bear. Or they can operate in strategic alliance with their customers to build long-term relationships. MYL plans to continue building long-term relationships with our customers and looks forward to years of partnership.

In the short term, we find our delivery times increasing from a 2-3 week turn time to currently 6-7 weeks. MYL requests that our clients honor our delivery times and inform their customers what to expect knowing that it will result in a win-win situation. Current
delivery time is a simple calculation. The amount of work in-house divided by our daily finish capacity gives our projected current delivery time.

The Theory Behind Priority Charges

Since we do not live in a perfect world and stuff happens, we offer a priority system that can be requested for those times that vendor back orders or hard deadlines make current delivery times unacceptable. It may appear that the priority system is a way to get more money out of our customers when, in reality, it is actually a protection for our customers.

MYL prefers to maintain first-in/first-out flow of orders. This system keeps our delivery time as short as possible. The priority system provides all MYL customers a way to rush jobs that are important and needed. No one wants MYL to put their competitors' orders ahead of their own. In the same way, most designers need a way to expedite an order due to deadlines and issues beyond their control. It is not fair to rush a customer’s job simply upon request. There needs to be a deterrent price to pay for the privilege.

Priority requests are not guaranteed and should be requested at the time of order placement. Priority charges change continually due to demand. We are in the hiring process to increase our volume capacity to meet the demand. It is our sincere hope that delivery
times will come down to our normal 2-3 week target soon.

Current delivery times are available on our website. 

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